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Why YachtStore?

Luxury yacht charters come in many sizes and styles. So do the companies that book them. Here at Yachtstore,
we are different. Our only client is you, the vacationer, and our only goal is to help you select the best crewed
yacht charter for your personal dream vacation.

What makes Yachtstore different:

We are a luxury yacht charter company that works only for you, the client. Other companies book crewed yacht charters, but many of them also work for the yacht owners. They are trying to satisfy both parties, sometimes with mixed results. Our only client is you, the vacationer. We help you book the luxury yacht charter that is ideal for your needs and desires, with no strings attached.

What kinds of yachts we offer:

Our experts can help you book any kind of crewed yacht charter, from sailing catamarans in the Virgin Islands to superyachts in the South of France. Whether you want to cruise as a couple on a romantic getaway or with a family of 12 for a birthday celebration, Yachtstore’s team can help you select the best crewed yacht charter vacation.

Where our luxury yacht charter clients go:

Our specialties include motor yacht charters and mega yacht charters in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. We also book luxury yacht charters in the South Pacific, New England, Florida, the Bahamas, Alaska and Southeast Asia. Different motor yachts and mega yachts move in and out of these regions all year long, and our experts keep track of the best ones to connect you when you’re ready for a vacation.

Why crewed yacht charter is special:

Lots of vacations promise luxury, but none offers the personalization of a luxury yacht charter. When you book a motor yacht charter or a mega yacht charter with Yachtstore, the entire yacht is yours, with a crew on board to cater exclusively to you. From the itinerary to the gourmet meals to the pace of every day’s activities, a crewed yacht charter is customized. No two luxury yacht charters are the same. Each one is tailored exclusively to you.

What our luxury yacht charter experts do:

We learn about your vision of a perfect luxury yacht charter, and we use our knowledge of crewed yacht charter to create your perfect vacation experience. With motor yacht charters and mega yacht charters, the fabulous boat is just the beginning. Our expertise on itineraries, contracts, crew relationships and organizing every small detail is what makes a Yachtstore charter vacation the experience of a lifetime.

How a Yachtstore luxury yacht charter is special:

It’s all about you and your vision of perfection. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. Contact us today. Our experts have countless options for your ideal crewed yacht charter vacation.


The (YACHT) experience was GREAT!! Everything was unbelievable. No complaints. The yacht, the food, the itinerary, the activities, the service were unbelievable. The best: All the Crew. They were extremely respectful, very professional and very very nice. They made us feel like at home but still with the luxury service of any top hotel. We ended up being like friends and even watched World Cup games together, cheering for Colombia and Croatia. They cared a lot about our wellbeing, recommended the best and always were ready to serve us all the ways possible. The chef and all the meals were very abundant, well served and delicious. They are like a family and made us feel very good all the time. This week we learned how nice is Croatia and their people, their history and their huge potential as a top destination in the world.

We also liked a lot going to Montenegro and the 2 stops we had there.

We had some stops in the ports and some in nearby bays. We had chance to swim, snorkel, paddle board, fish and even a little waverunner. We even had 2 daily body massages and that was nice. They really know what they do and have lots to show of their beautiful country.



We had never been to the BVI, so the entire trip was a new adventure for us. The ship and the crew combined to make this a once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be forgotten experience.

Thank you for providing us the best Captain in the Caribbean, Tony. Tony’s masterful command, not just of the ship, but of the entire experience, was comforting, reassuring and perfect for first-timers. He made everyone feel at home and even joined us as we played games on the aft deck at night. He is funny, but in command; truly a sincere and gracious host and a very capable Captain.

….The relaxation, fun, food, and friendships of this voyage will stay with us long after our return home. Thank you for providing such a comfortable, clean, well-equipped yacht for our journey. And huge thanks to our crew for giving some Texas landlubbers the cruise of a lifetime.



“Nancy, sorry I did not write sooner, but I put my tablet away and enjoyed the last week without checking email or using the internet. I cannot say enough good things about our Captain and Crew. Their attentiveness was exceptional. The Captain’s knowledge of the local waters, weather, seamanship was suburb. I would highly recommend this yacht and crew and look forward to returning to the Greek Islands for another booking in the near future!”

Scott L.


“We have had an incredible time! Alex and his crew, Carla and Bea are incredible! Everything has been perfect. The food is incredible! We have eaten way too much and very well!”

Susan H.



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