5 Ways a Yacht Charter Broker Can Improve Your Vacation

If you’ve been researching chartered yacht cruises, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You thought that choosing your dream destination would be the hardest part, but now you’re busy reading about contracts, clauses, and negotiations.

Luxury yacht vacations are meant to be relaxing and fun! If you want a seamless, worry-free booking experience, learn how using a yacht charter broker can take away the stress of travel planning.

Luxury yacht vacations
Get the Right Crew for You

An experienced yacht charter broker will pair you with the best crew for you and your group. The best brokers travel the world attending specialized conferences and interviewing crews. A top-level crew is trained to expect the unexpected and do whatever it takes to make sure your luxury yacht vacation is a memorable experience.

Traveling with kids? A broker will help you match the best child-friendly yacht with an abundance of water toys and a crew that is energetic and fun for the whole family. More interested in sightseeing? A charter broker can assist with location ideas for shore activities, and your crew can also recommend activities and places they and their guests have visited and enjoyed. You’ll want an experienced crew member with insider information about your exact destinations.

Destination Insights

Whether you already have a destination in mind or you simply long to be on the water, yacht charter brokers will make sure you head to the right destination. When you’re browsing through catalogs or destination websites, almost any location can look desirable. The best yacht brokers have traveled extensively and will have unique insights about the best vacation spots.

A yacht charter broker will consider your needs and guide you to the right destination based on your preferences for water and land activities, events, special attractions, and other factors. Charter brokers are unbiased and want to help provide the best experience based on your individual needs and preferences and assist you in choosing the perfect vacation destination and provide their insights for the best cruising locations for both motor and sailing yachts.

Fully Customizable

Need a special menu, personalized itinerary, or unique accommodations? No problem. Instead of having to negotiate these options with several different vendors, a yacht charter broker can handle all of this for you. If you need a yacht with all the latest electronic entertainment and communication gadgets, a yacht equipped for specific kinds of water sports or a chef who’s been trained in fine dining, your charter broker knows exactly who to call.

Your Personal Agent and Ally

The charter broker’s primary role is to ensure that everything is organized and pre-arranged with the yacht per your wishes. Your broker is your travel ally and will handle everything, from contracts, price negotiations, and local and maritime regulations.

Brokers are well prepared for all situations. In the unlikely event that weather or other factors cause changes to your original travel plans, Your charter broker can work with you and the yacht crew to resolve unforeseen circumstances, cancelation replacements or arranging for special needs or equipment aboard  and help see that  your travel goes off without a hitch.

Added Value at No Extra Cost

A charter yacht broker makes your booking and travel experience more user-friendly, comfortable, luxurious and relaxed but at no extra cost to you. The broker’s fee is part of your yacht’s rate, and the broker’s work is offered as a service to you.

Yachtstore is recognized as an industry leader in luxury yacht vacations. As your broker, we will simplify your booking process and deliver a world-class yachting experience.

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