A New Way to Have Fun in the Water

The good people at Superyacht Tenders and Toys already impressed Yachtstore charter broker Gina Robertson once.

“They make an inflatable-ringed swimming pool with netting all around the bottom,” Robertson says. “Charter yachts can attach it to their swim platforms, giving guests a place to jump into the water and swim without having to worry about critters, jellyfish, or any other sea life bothering them. It’s a brilliant idea that I think is ideal for charter clients.”

Now, Superyacht Tenders and Toys is adding a new idea to its arsenal of fun—and it, too, has caught Robertson’s attention.

“They have come up with a way to build an inflatable, floating cabana,” Robertson says. “It’s a fantastic idea, absolutely perfect for cruising areas where you want to get off the boat, but it’s too far away to get ashore. The crew can deploy the cabana, which stays secured to the yacht by a long line, and charter guests enjoy their privacy in comfort and shade with 360-degree views of any harbor.”

The cabana can accommodate as many as 20 people and can be equipped with the jellyfish netting if that’s what guests desire.

“I saw the swimming pool with netting aboard the 140-foot custom motoryacht Just Enough, so I know there’s at least one of those out there on a charter yacht right now,” Robertson says. “This cabana is a new item, and I can’t wait to see which charter yachts get it so that I can offer it to my clients.”

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