About the Signora del Vento Yacht

Signora del Vento: the Lady of the Wind. Stately, beautiful, and magnificently free, the name really does say it all. When the wind catches its sails, this is a ship that conjures up the golden age of sailing like no other. A ship that turns heads and inspires awe in whichever port it anchors in. A ship that brings modern touches of comfort and convenience to an unforgettable voyage.

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An Old Soul with Pure Class

The striking combination of masts, sails, and imposing bowsprit on the Signora del Vento isn’t something you see much outside of a museum these days. Although originally built in 1962, the Signora has a soul that dates much further back—one from a time of master ship craftsmen and the simple beauty of the breeze.

Those sails aren’t just for looks, either. Even with all of its size and trimmings, under the right conditions, this boat can still put the wind in your hair and reach an exhilarating 12 knots, fearlessly forging ahead into the open sea.

On the inside, though, the Signora del Vento yacht is built for comfort and class. Longer voyages will see the passengers bunk down in 18 well-appointed double cabins, each with their own ensuites and equipped for long, lazy days aboard. An entertainment system, indoor dining area, and indoor and outdoor bars complete the fun.

Luxury Cruises and Large-Scale Entertaining

Like all of our luxury yacht charters, the Signora del Vento is incredibly versatile and adaptable to almost any purpose you can find for it. For relaxed cruises through the Mediterranean and the French Riviera, this ship is more than well-equipped for up to 36 guests and sure to inspire envy wherever you go.

It’s the expansive upper deck, though, where the possibilities for the Signora really come alive. Capable of seating—and catering to—up to 300 people, the Signora is perfect for elegant and memorable large-scale entertaining, whether it’s a party, wedding, or corporate event. A fully stocked bar and sumptuous, customizable chef-prepared menus await you—the only limit is your imagination!

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Rich with character, history, and style, the Signora del Vento yacht is ready to breathe life into your dreams, no matter what they are.

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