Antarctica and Patagonia Yacht Charters

Antarctica and Patagonia Yacht Charters Offer 5-Star Luxury

Beautiful and mysterious, Antarctica and Patagonia are two of the world’s last frontiers. Once the realm of now-famous explorers, the White Continent’s icy lands and waters and Patagonia’s romantic shores are popular vacation destinations that welcome the modern adventurer. Each year, expedition yachts provide guests with a vacation like no other and, thanks to Antarctica charters, this luxury vacation opportunity is available to all.

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Discover Antarctica and Patagonia from the Water or on Land

The luxury yachts which cruise the Antarctic and Patagonian coasts offer you an unforgettable experience. Unlike large cruise ships, your smaller luxury yacht is a vessel that can easily navigate narrow straits and glacier-riddled icy waters with ease. Get up close and personal with glaciers and watch in wonder as whales, penguins, and seals hunt, bask, and play.

Warming up is easy in Patagonia, where natural hot springs await after touring one of the territory’s many natural preserves. Spend the evening marveling at the eerie beauty of one of the most sparsely populated regions in the world.

Why There’ s Nothing Like a Luxury Yacht Charter

You may have been thinking about your ideal dream vacation for some time, researching cruise ships and hotels, but luxury yachts give you the benefits of both options. Not only is a yacht like a moving hotel with all of the amenities you could ever want, but your vessel is ready to go anywhere you wish.

A Personal Adventure

When you charter a yacht, your adventure is totally up to you. Your experienced crew can suggest experiences and destinations at your request, or you can decide where you’d like to spend your time. From wild to mild, luxury yacht charters offer many opportunities to create lasting memories.

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Endless Excitement

Your Antarctic and Patagonian charter yacht is much more than a vessel; it’s outfitted for adventure, expedition-style. Imagine visiting a towering glacier in a helicopter, or taking in teeming marine life on an underwater diving scooter. These are just two of the many possibilities that luxury yacht charters can offer.


No Itinerary

If you want to participate in a different activity every hour, your crew is happy to oblige. Or, you can spend the entire day undisturbed, lounging on deck as you take in the haunting beauty that Antarctica and Patagonia have to offer. This kind of variety is a reason why private yacht charters are such a popular vacation choice.


Professional Instructors and Crew

If you’re ready to spearfish, kayak, or scuba dive, you’ll be happy to know you can learn from a pro because instructors are on board. In the kitchen, a professionally trained chef prepares each and every meal, whether it’s your favorite dish or the day’s catch.


Your Dream Luxury Vacation Is Within Reach

The pristine beauty of Antarctica and Patagonia is yours for the asking with Yachtstore charters. We find the perfect vessel and crew to bring you the vacation of a lifetime; call 1-888-446-4141 to learn how.