10 Reasons that Make Chartering to the Mediterranean the Best Vacation Ever

Whether you’re considering a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or a group vacation with your closest friends, a private yacht charter can make for an unforgettable holiday. If you’re ready to have the vacation experience of a lifetime, then you’ll want to explore these reasons why a Mediterranean yacht charter is such a popular option.

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1. An Experience You’ll Always Love

The Mediterranean offers attractions to suit modern and historic tastes alike. The Italian Riviera offers a cultural experience like no other. Pompeii, Venice, and the infamously dangerous yet beautiful Blue Grotto are only three of several options. The French Riviera is the place for an elite and modern experience which can include beautiful world-famous beaches.

2. Attend World-Famous Events

If you’ve ever wanted to attend the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, or any of the parties and excitement that accompany them, a yacht charter in the Mediterranean can bring them to you, complete with celebrities and gourmet food.

3. Completely Customized Experiences

The East Mediterranean, with its vast number of islands, is ideal for a tailored vacation. If you can imagine spending each night of your vacation nestled in a different and breathtaking island cove, then this is exactly what you can enjoy.

4. Dance the Night Away

With a Mediterranean yacht charter, all of your vacation dreams can come true. Spain offers some of the most exciting nightlife, including the legendary island of Ibiza, where you can dance until the sun comes up.

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5. Do What You Please

On a cruise ship, you go where they go. In a hotel, you’re always in the same location. Not so with a yacht. You can go where you wish when you wish, and the scenery is different on each day.

6. A Private Paradise

A charter to the Croatian coast will reveal how the Mediterranean used to be. This is ideal for a relaxing secluded vacation, thanks to the many options for private island experiences.

7. Experience Another Culture

No matter where you go in the Mediterranean, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in beautiful architecture, picturesque villages, and a unique way of life that has remained for centuries.

8. Affordable Luxury

Although you may think that a yacht is out of reach, you will discover that it’s more affordable than you think. All Mediterranean sailing vacations we offer are completely tailored to your budget.

9. No Queues

On your chartered yacht, there’s no need to make reservations when it’s time to dine. Not only that, but the gourmet food you’ll get on this luxury watercraft will be prepared to your personal preferences.

10. We Do Everything for You

Booking your Mediterranean vacation should be as easy as possible. The Yacht Store arranges every aspect of your vacation, from the best destinations, yachts, and crew for you to menu planning, and all at the best rates. Discover why we are the industry leader for yacht experiences; call 1-888-446-4141 to book your dream vacation today.