Galapagos Yacht Charter: Early-Booking Special aboard Queen of Galapagos

The 97-foot motoryacht Queen of Galapagos has just announced an early-bird special for anyone who wants to charter in the Galapagos Islands during the Christmas 2011 holiday. For the week of December 23-30, the yacht is now being offered at a weekly base rate of $58,800.

“It is truly unusual to see a yacht available in the Galapagos Islands during Christmas at all, let alone at an incentive rate,” says Yachtstore charter broker Gina Robertson. “And Queen of Galapagos is not a traditional motoryacht, so she can take 16 guests as opposed to the usual number, which is 12. That makes the base rate even more noteworthy, since it allows for a charter party with extra guests.”

Robertson has met with the owners of Queen of Galapagos to ensure that the charter program is top-quality. In the Galapagos region, that typically means a yacht that is less luxurious than what you might find in the South of France, but that is well-equipped for the remote destination and all of the wildlife adventures that guests are likely to encounter.

“A yacht charter in the Galapagos Islands is not about the boat,” Robertson says. “It is about the lava trails, the sea lions, the birds, the iguanas, the giant tortoises, and just about every other encounter with nature that you can imagine. You want a comfortable charter boat, of course, but it’s more important to have a great nature guide onboard and a captain who knows the best times of day to do activities like onshore walks and snorkeling trips. That is what Queen of Galapagos offers.”

Contact Robertson today to secure the early-booking discount for Christmas week 2011.