Great Lakes Yacht Charter News: Unusual Number of Options This Summer

Just as with New England, the U.S. Great Lakes are seeing an unusual number of yachts available for charter this coming summer season.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Michigan, USA.

The Great Lakes typically only welcome a handful of charter yachts each summer because of the time it takes yachts to cruise there from winter bases in the Caribbean. It’s much faster and easier for yachts to get from the Caribbean to the Bahamas, New England, or even the Mediterranean, since visiting the Great Lakes requires a cruise either up the U.S. East Coast and across the St. Lawrence Seaway, or up the river systems that dissect the U.S. Midwest.


This transit challenge of course does not affect charter guests, who step onboard the yachts long after the repositioning for the season is complete. And once in the Great Lakes, the handful of charter yachts there enjoy a great deal of itinerary options. There are small towns to explore along with large cities such as Chicago, islands where cars are prohibited and horseback riding is the norm, lakeside beaches, freshwater scuba diving, woodland  hiking, and remote anchorages where a single yacht can typically have all the scenery to itself.


Charter yachts with availability this summer in the Great Lakes include the 84-foot Palmer Johnson Captivator and the 87-foot Broward Lukousaurus. While these yachts might seem small in more developed yachting locales such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean, in the Great Lakes a motoryacht larger than 80 feet is a true sight to behold. Guests will feel like kings and queens of the region.

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