Caribbean Yacht Charters

Caribbean yacht charters are available year-round, with the majority of motor yachts and mega yachts available from November through April. Many repeat yacht charter clients who are “in the know” book at least a year in advance for a Caribbean yacht charter during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, when the best motor yachts and mega yachts get snapped up quickly, sometimes with 10-day minimum bookings.

Destinations caribbean virgin islands st thomas xThe traditional starting points for a Caribbean yacht charter are the islands of Antigua and Sint Maarten. These getaway hubs have become the focus of Caribbean yacht charter vacations because of international airports and top-notch marinas, making it easy for guests to meet their Caribbean motor yacht and set off on their itinerary immediately. Terrific hotels and restaurants are on Antigua and Sint Maarten, too, for anyone who wants to combine a Caribbean yacht charter vacation with a few days on land.

Caribbean mega yacht charters from Antigua or Sint Maarten can include any number of other Caribbean islands, including St. Barts, Anguilla and St. Kitts. On most Caribbean yacht charters, the mega yacht cruises for a few hours around midday, which leaves plenty of time during mornings, late afternoons and evenings for the guests to swim in the clear aquamarine water, take walks on the sandy white beaches, and have all kinds of fun aboard the yacht itself.

One of the best things about a Caribbean mega yacht charter is the wide variety of yachts that are available. Many of the newest, most impressive mega yachts are open for Caribbean yacht charter every winter. Clients can choose Caribbean motor yachts designed for families with small children, or for adult couples, or for business colleagues, or for multigenerational charters with grandparents and grandchildren alike being equally comfortable aboard.

Onboard amenities are impressive, too. On a Caribbean motor yacht charter, guests can expect to have sundeck hot tubs, outdoor dining spaces with amazing views, air-conditioned gymnasiums, 3-D televisions and projector-size cinema screens, and water-level beach clubs featuring everything from saunas and steam rooms to infinity-style hot tubs. Some Caribbean mega yachts have contraflow pools for swimming on board, while other Caribbean motor yachts offer indoor-outdoor spaces with foldout balconies for dining, sitting or simply relaxing with a cocktail and an outstanding view.

Caribbean mega yachts also have some of the most impressive toys on yachts for charter anywhere in the world. Water slides, Jet Skis, Seabobs, paddle boards, tow toys, water skis, wakeboards, snorkeling gear, scuba equipment, fishing gear and more are all available to anyone who books a Caribbean motor yacht charter. Tenders on these mega yachts are not only large, but are also outfitted for day trips with canopies and comfortable seating. Sometimes, guests can even book a Caribbean mega yacht with a helicopter or a submarine.

And did we mention the crew? On a Caribbean yacht charter, everything is personalized to the client’s tastes. Chefs with training from prestigious places like Michelin-starred restaurants, Le Cordon Bleu and the Culinary Institute of America will prepare customized menus for every meal during a Caribbean mega yacht charter. The menu will be whatever the client desires, be it sumptuous rack of lamb, spa-worthy vegan treats or decadent chocolate lava cake.

Caribbean mega yacht charter captains will discuss the day’s schedule with clients and tailor every day’s activities to the mood, too. Feeling like a late start? No problem. Prefer a jam-packed day of fun? Your captain and crew are ready. And all the while, mega yacht stewardesses make sure guests have whatever they desire, from sun-brewed iced tea to chilled towels after a hot steam, during every minute of a Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Deckhands who are part of the crew on Caribbean motor yachts will help seasoned pros and first-time amateurs alike learn how to water-ski, kite-board, scuba dive and more. Caribbean mega yacht deckhands are often experts at helping children feel safe and have fun in the water, too. For adults, deckhands will set up beach cabanas and barbecues in secluded coves, making every night of a Caribbean yacht charter end with a special memory.

How long does a Caribbean yacht charter take? It
ineraries can be any length of time that guests want, from a few days to a few weeks. The longer your vacation during a Caribbean yacht charter, the more the captain and crew will be able to offer. Most experts recommend at least one week to make the most of a Caribbean motor yacht charter; if you want to visit more than three or four Caribbean islands, then a two- or three-week yacht charter itinerary is ideal.

Our team at Yachtstore has booked countless Caribbean yacht charters over the years. We know the region, we know the yachts and we know which crew are the best. At Yachtstore, we are experts who can help you make all of these things—and more—a reality for your next Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

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