Chartering to the Caribbean: The Ultimate Getaway

With over 500 miles of islands, beautiful reefs, and idyllic blue waters, it’s no wonder that the Caribbean is one of the most popular vacation destinations. One of the best ways to experience the magic and mystery of the Caribbean is via yacht charter, and this luxury vacation can offer a unique and memorable experience like no other.

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Your Choice, Always

Caribbean yacht charter is all about choice, beginning with the yacht. Enjoy your vacation on one of several Caribbean motor yachts, or go all out on a brand-new mega yacht; it’s all up to you. Every aspect of your day can be what you want it to be. Caribbean yacht charter vacations feature certified chefs trained in some of the most prestigious restaurants. Your customized menu can contain whatever dishes you wish. Your captain and crew are always there to provide you with any kind of day you want to have.

Activity and Adventure

Chartering means you get plenty of options for activity and adventure. Each craft comes complete with a wide range of toys, including jet skis, scuba diving gear, kayaks, and more. The best part? Even if you’ve never participated in any of these activities before, instructors are on board to teach you.

Your charter can travel to places that large cruise ships cannot, which offers you the opportunity to experience a truly unique and personal Caribbean adventure. Imagine swimming with sea turtles in the waters off an uninhabited beach, or fishing with an experienced angler to guide you; whatever kind of adventure you desire, a charter vacation will deliver.

Amazing Weather

When it comes to weather, few places can compare to the Caribbean in the summer. This area is home to the warmest and most reliable weather in the world. Your vacation can consist of endless sunny skies and crystal-clear, 80-degree water and, at night, sumptuous breezes and a sea of stars.

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On-Board Amenities

Caribbean yachts include every amenity you could ask for. From big-screen TVs and Wi-Fi to hot tubs, outdoor dining, and even gyms, your Caribbean charter has absolutely everything you need. And the best part? You don’t have to leave your “floating resort” unless you want to.

A Different Experience Every Day

It’s true that resorts and cruises offer many options for variety. However, a Caribbean charter combines the best of both worlds, and at an unmatched level of privacy and choice. You can spend each night in a different location, and travel where you like when you like; all you have to do is ask your crew.

Experience the Vacation of a Lifetime

The Yacht Store is a leader in Caribbean yacht cruises. When you choose us for your vacation experience, you’ll enjoy a simplified booking process and a completely customized holiday. No matter which type of vacation you’re dreaming of, everything will always be exactly what you want, and that’s just the way it should be. Start your Caribbean adventure today; call 1-888-446-4141.