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Luxury yacht charter vacations are available in the world’s most beautiful locations. Each destination offers a unique vacation experience. Our specialists can arrange an itinerary that exceeds your personal expectations and desires. Charter yachts are available today in more destinations than ever before. Alaska, Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, Seychelles, Galapagos— you can often find charter yachts in all of these places, and well beyond. The yachts that tend to cruise off the beaten course are more adventurous than their counterparts in more established regions such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Sometimes, you can find purpose-built expedition yachts with crews who excel at surfing and offshore fishing. In locations like Galapagos, there are yachts with top-quality naturalists onboard to help you understand the local wildlife. In exotic locations, charter is exploration.

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Western Mediterranean

The Western Mediterranean offers three primary yacht charter regions: the French Riviera, Italy, and Spain’s Balearic Isles. Most one-week charters take place in a single region, while multi-week charters can combine regions.


Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean is less developed and generally less crowded than the Western Mediterranean. Plenty of luxury superyacht charters are available, but the setting is more natural and untouched. Docking at marinas is an option, as is anchoring in secluded…


Caribbean and Virgin Islands

The Caribbean and Virgin Islands are the most popular destination in the world for winter yacht charter vacations. Each region in the Caribbean offers a different style of luxury yacht experience, some catering to first-time clients and others designed for…


Florida and the Bahamas

Florida and the Bahamas offer beautiful cruising year-round. Multiple yacht charter itineraries are available in each location, whether you want to be close to civilization or in the heart of nature.


Exotic Options

Expedition-style motoryachts are available for luxury yacht charter beyond the usual borders. Anyone interested in scenic grandeur and ultimate solitude should consider an exotic yacht charter destination.


Northeast United States

New England and Maine are the primary regions for luxury yacht charter in the Northeast United States. Both locations boast historic sites, charming ports, and working lobster and crab boats that create a memorable seafaring ambiance.