Drink in Alaska’s Natural Wonders

Drink in Alaska’s Natural Wonders from a Luxury Yacht

Alaska’s untamed lands and waters are unlike any others, and her unforgettable mountains, glaciers, and wildlife offer new and surprising experiences for visitors and residents alike. It’s for these reasons and many more that Alaska remains a premier yachting destination. Yet yachts aren’t just for the rich and famous; a smaller vessel can provide you with a completely customized luxury vacation, thanks to Alaska Charters.


The Many Benefits of Luxury Yacht Charters

A cruise ship offers the opportunity to see Alaska in all her glory. You can also stay on land at one of the state’s many beautiful hotels. However, a yacht charter combines the best of both worlds; you can experience the state from the water, and from a vessel that has all of the amenities of a hotel.

An Ever-Changing Experience

Nature doesn’t need an itinerary and, when you charter a private yacht, neither do you. Your vessel’s expert crew is always ready to take you wherever you want to go, whenever you wish. Are whales and orcas passing nearby? Simply alert the crew and, before you know it, you’ll be there. Do you want to learn how to sea kayak or snorkel? An expert is on board to teach you.

Nature and History Up Close

Alaska’s natural parks are a request away; in no time at all, you can be disembarking and exploring these protected wonders. The state’s many museums and small towns make for ideal day-trip destinations, where you can immerse yourself in Native culture and history as you enjoy smoked or candied salmon, the local delicacies.

Adventure as You Like It

Spend the morning cruising by massive glaciers and pass through an ancient forest in the afternoon, where you might spot bald eagles and bears. Go fishing in Sitka with a local fisherman and relax on deck as your personal chef prepares your freshly caught salmon or crab.


Longer Days, More Memories

Yachting in Alaska’s peak season, late May to late July, means the sun doesn’t set until after 10 p.m., allowing you even more time to take in the breathtaking views and experience new adventures. The state’s lovely summer temperatures can reach 80 degrees F during the day, and the 50s at night, allowing the opportunity for an on-deck dinner as you watch a spectacular sunset.

An Affordable Luxury Vacation

With a yacht charter, your vacation can be as long or as short as you like. Whether you choose a sailboat or powered yacht, your vessel can accommodate up to eight guests and includes a hot tub, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and surround sound for ultimate enjoyment, no matter where you choose to spend your time.

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