Europe and Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Mediterranean yacht charter is the most popular type of luxury yacht charter in the world. Every year from May through October, the world’s largest concentration of yachts gather in the Mediterranean so charter clients can enjoy the fabulous beaches, top-notch restaurants and world-renowned shopping.

From superyachts to sailing yachts, the options are almost endless. You could book a Mediterranean yacht charter for an entire month every summer and have new experiences on every vacation for the rest of your life.

In general, Mediterranean charter yachts tend to base in either the West Mediterranean or the East Mediterranean. In the West Mediterranean, yacht charter is available in France, Monaco, Italy and Spain. In the East Mediterranean, the most popular regions for yacht charter are Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

Each region offers an entirely different Mediterranean yacht charter experience. Which one is ideal for you? Take a look and give us a call to book the luxury yacht charter of your dreams.

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France Yacht Charter

The unofficial kickoff of every Mediterranean yacht charter season is the Cannes Film Festival, held each May on the coast of France. A-list celebrities and titans of industry gather to charter the world’s most impressive superyachts, where they throw parties with red carpets, live bands and gourmet canapés for thousands of guests. The scene at the Cannes marina is so star-studded that it rivals the real view high up in the sky.

And then, the Mediterranean yacht charter season begins. Families and friends book those same yachts and more, with France yacht charter itineraries that include St. Tropez, Villefranche and Antibes. The cities along the Cote d’Azur are among the most storied in the history of Western civilization, with architecture, winding streets and waterfront scenes that date back centuries.

The memories to be made on a France yacht charter are only as limited as your imagination.


Monaco Yacht Charter

The Monaco Grand Prix is world-renowned as one of the year’s prime events for the glitterati, and luxury yacht charter clients come out to cheer and party at the highest levels. That is literally true, with superyacht sundecks offering a bird’s-eye view of the Formula 1 racecars in the street. As the drivers zip along the waterfront and past the Monaco marina, charter clients look down, shout for their favorites and raise a toast to all the fun.


Like the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix is a kickoff event for the Mediterranean yacht charter season. The city of Monaco is an impressive itinerary stop no matter when you visit throughout the summer. Shops in Monaco feature all the latest French fashions, restaurants are home to Michelin-rated star chefs, the local theater and opera house stage memorable productions and the famous casino is always ready to welcome your wager.

In Monaco, style never takes a day off. It’s available to luxury yacht charter guests all summer long.


Italy Yacht Charter

Mediterranean yacht charter is special in Italy because the country has so many unique regions to offer.

To the northwest is the Italian Riviera, with stops in historic cities like Genoa (the birthplace of pesto) and the natural beauty of the Cinque Terre. Farther down the coast, Italy yacht charter can include Naples (the birthplace of pizza) and Elba (the island where Napoleon was once exiled). To the south is the Amalfi Coast, with communities like Positano that look almost too perfect to be real. Still more Italy yacht charter itineraries await around the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and with stops for volcano-watching in the Aeolian Islands.

During a one-week Italy yacht charter, any one of these regions can be explored. If you can stay for a two- or three-week Italy yacht charter, then several regions can be combined. What’s your pleasure? Hiking the coast of Santa Margherita on the Cinque Terre or cruising into the carved stone city of Bonifacio on Sardinia?

With an Italy yacht charter, the choice is all yours.


Spain Yacht Charter

Spain’s Balearic Isles are a paradise of historic charm, white sandy beaches and some of the biggest parties of the summer.

Most Spain yacht charters begin in Palma de Mallorca, a city that dates to Roman times. The Old City is filled with narrow streets and centuries-old architecture, providing a stunning backdrop for a simple walk. Tuck into a shop here or an eatery there, and you will find local delights unlike anywhere else in the world.

Departing from Palma, a Spain yacht charter itinerary can include the natural beauty of Menorca, the renowned beaches of Formentera or the thumping nightlife of Ibiza, where the discotheques are the hotspot for Mediterranean yacht charter each summer. Whether you are with your family or your friends, the style of your Spain yacht charter can be virtually anything you want it to be.


Croatia Yacht Charter

Croatia is often described as “the Mediterranean as it once was.” More than a thousand islands line the Croatian coastline, and many of them remain unpopulated and undeveloped. Here, nature rules.

A Croatia yacht charter can include visits to islands for secluded barbecues, sunbathing or simply swimming in the warm waters without another soul in sight.

And when you’re ready for some civilization, Croatia yacht charter itineraries can stop at historic ports such as Dubrovnik, whose walled city looks as imposing and protected today as it did when the high walls were first constructed during the Middle Ages. Yacht charter clients can go ashore and walk along the wall, with views both inside the city and out into the harbor where their crewed charter yacht awaits at anchor.

The sights are stunning, as are the keepsake photos that will only make you want to come back for another Croatia yacht charter next summer.


Greece Yacht Charter

Is there any place on Earth as storied as the Greek Isles? They are a haven of luxury yacht charter each summer, with mega yachts and sailing yachts available in so many regions that it is possible to visit year after year and always discover something new. History combines with modern extravagances here, letting charter guests indulge in gourmet meals while sitting in the shadow of ancient temples.

From Athens, the closest archipelago is the Aegean, with picturesque islands such as Hydra and Simi beckoning with colorful harbors and beaches. The Ionian Islands are another favorite, as are the Cyclades, where the island of Santorini may just be the most popular hotspot for yacht charter in all of Greece. Farthest to the east are Greece’s Dodecanese Islands, which are sometimes so close to the coastline of Turkey that you can see both nations at the same time, with the naked eye, from your luxury charter yacht’s deck.

A one-week Greece yacht charter can take place in any of these regions, and a two- or three-week Greece yacht charter can combine several. Some crewed yacht charter clients return to Greece year after year, mesmerized every time by what they find.


Turkey Yacht Charter

The southwest coast of Turkey is as historic as many of the Greek Isles, and as modern as many of the cities from Croatia to Spain. Stops along a Turkey yacht charter itinerary can boast everything from the ruins of ancient amphitheaters to galleries filled with modern art, with a hand-woven rug dealer here and there along the way in case you want to do a bit of haggling.

Each summer, the local charter yachts—called gulets—along with internationally designed motor yachts cruise the southwest Turkey coastline. These charter yachts offer itineraries along a route from the historic, castle-protected city of Bodrum to the shopping and dining haven of Gocek. Along the way, charter guests can explore everywhere from the massive shopping bazaar at Marmaris to the ancient Lycian tombs along the Dalyan River, with stops every afternoon for a swim or a snorkel in the warm, clear waters.

Even better: Because the southwest coast of Turkey is so close to Greece’s Dodecanese Islands, the two regions can be combined on a crewed yacht charter vacation of two weeks or longer. The longer your crewed yacht charter lasts, the more you will find along the way.

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