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Destinations bahamas nassau lighthouse xBahamas Yacht Charters: So Close to Home, a Stunning Paradise

You don’t have to travel far to travel well. For Americans who want a quick getaway, Bahamas yacht charters are an ideal option. The islands of Nassau, the Abacos and the Exumas are all within easy reach of mainland airports—a few hours of flying time, at most—and once you step aboard your charter yacht in the Bahamas, you will know that you are in paradise.

Bahamas yacht charters often start in Nassau, where the international airport welcomes regular flights. Nassau is also home to the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, whose marina is large enough to welcome yachts up to 240 feet long. Megayacht charters can begin and end here, with guests enjoying a few days at the resort with its casino, golf course, water slides, marine habitat, fine dining and more. Once you’re relaxed and ready, step aboard your boat and let your Bahamas yacht charter begin.

One option from Nassau is to cruise south into the Exumas, an archipelago with minimal development and maximum white-sand beaches. Even better is that in the Exumas, the waters are quite shallow, which means cruise ships can’t fit. The harbors are reserved for Bahamas yacht charters, including yachts with shallow-draft tenders that will let you make the most of everything the Exumas have to offer.

During a Bahamas yacht charter in the Exumas, you can snorkel, scuba dive, fish or sunbathe, and you may even have a memorable encounter with the wild pigs who call Big Major Cay home. They’ll come right up to your tender looking for carrots or whatever other snacks you have packed. Your Bahamas yacht charter crew, who will be experts in these Exumas locals, will have everything you need. Your memories will last a lifetime.

Another Bahamas yacht charter option from Nassau is to take a hopper flight to the Abacos, an archipelago north of Nassau. The Abacos also offer a quieter cruising environment filled with beaches and relaxation—and they’re the home of terrific fishing for anyone who wants Bahamas yacht charters to include some serious catch. Bimini has been world-famous for its fishing since Ernest Hemingway lived there during the 1930s, and the annual fishing tournament on Bimini draws some of the world’s greatest sport-fishing yachts to the Abacos. Bahamas yacht charters in the Abacos can include miniature versions of the event, with charter guests taking the yacht’s tender into the Abacos hot spots for major billfish (while the chef waits aboard to cook up the day’s catch).

Perhaps the best thing about Bahamas yacht charters is that whether you choose Nassau, the Exumas or the Abacos, you can enjoy a different itinerary every time. Some 700 islands are in the Bahamas, all ready for you to explore. Whether you want to relax with a little gaming and golfing, or go snorkeling five times a day, or fish with the best of the world’s anglers, Bahamas yacht charters can be your close-to-home paradise for fun in the sun.

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