Great Charter Yacht Tenders, Part I: Silver Cloud and Lady M

When you charter a yacht, the yacht itself is just the beginning of the experience. There’s also the crew, the chef, the entertainment systems, the toys—and, on some yachts, fantastic tenders.

“Tenders, just like yachts, come in all shapes and styles,” says Yachtstore charter broker Gina Robertson. “Some are meant for fast cruising, others are built for diving or fishing, some are sleek and sexy, and others are mini-yachts unto themselves. Having a great tender can enhance the charter experience in almost unlimited ways.”

One charter yacht with a fantastic tender is the 134-foot SWATH Silver Cloud. Her owner just took delivery this year of a 39-foot Intrepid Sport Yacht that has an air-conditioned cabin, a top speed of 60 knots, and a gyro stabilizer system.

“That’s the equivalent of a big yacht with zero-speed stabilizers,” Robertson says. “That feature aboard the Silver Cloud tender is virtually unheard-of in the yachting industry.”

Another charter yacht with an impressive tender is the 147-foot Lady M, which has a brand-new, 44-foot Riva for guests to enjoy at an additional weekly base rate of $10,000.

“Riva is an Italian builder known for creating some of the sexiest head-turning boats in the world,” Robertson says. “Cruising ashore for dinner aboard a tender like that makes you feel like you are definitely someone special in any harbor.”

Both Silver Cloud and Lady M still have charter availability this summer. Contact Robertson today for cruising destinations and availability dates.