Why Chartering a Yacht Is the Ultimate Vacation

Why Chartering a Yacht Is the Ultimate Vacation—Even if You Think You Can’t Afford It

There’s no shortage of luxury resorts all over the world, and many of them are in beautiful destinations. However, for an exceptional travel experience, nothing tops luxury yacht charter vacations. Of course, chartered yachts share many of the same amenities as the world’s top luxury resorts, like fine dining, stellar service, and luxurious rooms. Yet only luxury yacht vacations offer the privacy, flexibility, and personalized service that many only dreams of. If you’ve been wondering how to charter a yacht for your own vacation, it’s probably easier than you imagined.


If you still need more convincing, here are the top reasons why your next vacation should be on a chartered yacht.


Destination Freedom

Setting sail on a luxury yacht grants you incredible access to the world’s top destinations. Many of these remote destinations can’t be reached by large cruise ships and don’t have any hotels. You’ll be able to explore secluded spots that are otherwise out of reach.

To enhance the experience at your destinations, your chartered yacht is staffed with a crew of local experts. Your crew will make sure that you’re enjoying your activities on and off the boat. Consider your crew to be your local guides to point you in the right direction of unique shopping, the best beaches, and even dancing to the tunes of a popular local band.


Flexible Itineraries

Unlike commercial cruises or hotel excursions, your luxury yacht vacation itinerary is completely up to you. There’s absolutely no rush, and you can decide how long you want to stay in each location. This allows you to travel with a spontaneity that most other vacations don’t allow for.

If you’re suddenly feeling like a night of dancing, your captain can take you to a popular hotspot. If you’d rather get away from it all, your yacht can slip into a private bay for a relaxing evening. For guests who’d rather try local restaurants than eat on the boat, your crew will help you select a memorable dinner option. With a chartered yacht, your vacation will unfold exactly how you want it to.

In the planning stages, you’ll also have complete control over the length of your vacation. Although popular destinations like the Virgin Islands and the Mediterranean may come to mind first, you can select from a wide list of destinations, such as Alaska, Croatia, and the South Pacific.


Privacy & Comfort

If “excursions” and “ports” make you think of throngs of tourists, prepare to have your expectations changed. On a chartered yacht, you can have exclusive access to incredible destinations, even in the high season.

Imagine being out on the ocean and the only sounds are birds, waves, and the friendly conversations between you and your guests. That’s just a taste of the true privacy afforded by luxury yacht vacations.

Many yachts offer a one-to-one ratio of crew members to guests. This means that your expert crew will quickly learn your needs and provide service at the highest level. You’ll also find that the amenities rival the comfort of the top hotels. Yacht dining rooms offer intimate meals, and the bedrooms will make you forget all about cramped cruise ship cabins.

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Fully Customizable

Your destinations and excursions aren’t the only things you can customize on your luxury yacht vacation. In fact, the entire experience can be carefully crafted to your exact specifications.

First, you’ll choose from a variety of yachts. Many people choose sailing yachts, but you can also select a motor yacht, power yacht, or catamaran. Once you’ve selected the perfect boat, don’t forget about the toys! Whether you’re traveling with children or seeking your own adventures, you can explore options like giant slides, standup paddleboards, or even a drone to capture your exciting day at sea.

Your menu and dining experience can also be fully customized. The chefs on luxury yachts are highly trained in the art of fine dining and can cater to any special request you or your guests might have. You can enjoy a five-course meal one night, a casual beach barbeque the next, and even try your hand at catching your own dinner!


Luxury Yacht Vacations for Every Budget

Chartering a luxury yacht offers a tremendous value for all that you receive. Cruise lines and resorts can’t match the service, privacy, and flexibility that you get when you book a complete charter vacation. Where else can you plan your own gourmet meals, receive personalized service, and get whisked away from one perfect destination to the next?

Not only is the value there, but it’s now more reasonable than ever to take your partner, family, or group out on a private vacation. In fact, weekly rates start as low as $6,000. Of course, if you have a large group and want to experience the most luxury, prices do get considerably higher.

If you have a fixed number in mind, you can even see which yachts offer all-inclusive pricing. As the name suggests, an all-inclusive luxury yacht includes fuel, food, and drink costs. Any reputable yacht broker can help you determine if all-inclusive is the right choice for you. You can also allow a broker to assist you with choosing the right yacht and destination for your budget.


Travel Assistance from Start to Finish

Chartering a yacht can be a daunting task. There are contracts to negotiate, sailing conditions to understand, and even weather to contend with. Add to that the ability to charter a yacht almost anywhere in the world.


Booking your charter vacation should never be a stressful experience. If you work with a qualified broker, you will receive personalized assistance from start to finish. Skilled yacht charter brokers can help:

  • Research and select the best destination and trip-length.
  • Research and select the best yacht for your needs and budget.
  • Negotiate the best rate for your yacht contract.
  • Match you with the right crew.
  • Plan your menu and any other special
  • Arrange private air transportation if desired.
  • Secure trip cancellation insurance so that you are protected financially in the case of an emergency.

You’ll never be left figuring things out on your own when planning your yacht vacation. Unlike travel agents, yacht brokers have extensive charter-industry experience and education. Their connections are invaluable, and you’ll certainly want one by your side as your agent.


Your Complete Charter Vacation

Chartering a luxury yacht is the best way to create the vacation of your dreams. If you value privacy, exclusivity, and truly unique travel destinations, you’ll see that there’s no better option. It’s no wonder that so many people who charter yachts find themselves booking again and again!

For a truly effortless and enjoyable booking process, let the professionals at Yachtstore help you along the way. Founded in 1995, Yachtstore is now recognized as an industry leader for yacht brokers. Our sole objective is to offer you the absolute best experience based on your preferences.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and experience the unmatched luxury of luxury yacht vacations, simply give us a call at 888-446-4141 or reach out on our website. We can’t wait to help you book the vacation of your dreams!