Menus and Dining

Before your charter begins, you will be asked to complete a preference sheet. It is a standard form that helps the yacht’s chef provision and plan meals according to your personal tastes. Remember: Some yacht charter destinations are remote. The only grocery stores may be one-room huts that receive shipments from the mainland once a week. The preference sheet is important because it ensures that everything you want and need will be onboard, no matter where in the world you are chartering.

In addition, if you have allergies or dietary restrictions, the preference sheet is the place to make them known. For instance, guests who are vegetarian, gluten-free, or diabetic should alert the chef via the preference sheet. Most charter yacht chefs can cater to any kind of diet as long as they are given advance notice.

You also can mention preferences for heavy or light meals, and anything else that might help the chef prepare things the way that you like them.

The yacht charter specialists at Yachtstore will work with you before your superyacht vacation to determine your dietary preferences. Then, our experts communicate directly with your charter yacht’s chef to ensure that the menu is planned with your personal tastes in mind. Anything can be arranged, from decadent, chocolate-filled menus to healthy, vegetarian buffets. We will also help to arrange the style of cooking onboard, should you prefer buffets, plated dinners, or tasting menus.

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