Sample Menu

Menus aboard charter yachts are created based on your preferences. No charter yacht has a “standard menu” for all guests.  Every meal is designed to suit your dietary likes and needs.

Before your charter begins, you will be asked to complete a preference sheet. This form tells the chef not only what you like and dislike, but also what dietary restrictions you have. Charter yacht chefs are usually well-versed in everything from vegetarian meals to gluten-free menus and even raw-food vegan and macrobiotic options. Based on your preference sheet, the chef will provision the yacht and work out a sample menu for you to discuss. It can be fine-tuned daily depending on how you are feeling during the charter, literally every single meal.

Charter yacht chefs also are well practiced at satisfying a diversity of preferences within a group. For instance, if you have two vegetarians and six meat-eaters in your party, then the chef will create menus that satisfy both types of eaters at every meal.

Aboard some larger charter yachts, chefs often will provide a menu with two options at lunch and dinner. Both options will be based on your preferences, so you can try a little of everything depending how you feel.

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