Pack These 7 Essential Items for the Perfect Luxury Yacht Vacation

Luxury yacht vacations are meant to be smooth sailing, and nothing derails your vacation faster than that moment of panic when you remember you forgot to pack something important.

Here’s a list of everything you should bring on luxury yacht charter vacations to make sure you have a fun and worry-free experience.

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Your passport and other necessary visas should be the first item on your packing list. A valid passport is required for re-entry to the U.S. after your vacation ends. It’s also a good idea to make photocopies of your passport and pack them in your luggage as well.

Sun Protection

Although the weather might feel comfortable when you’re catching cool ocean breezes, you’re still going to get a lot of sun exposure on a luxury yacht vacation. Make sure to pack ample sun protection like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. You can even buy protective clothing with UPF for UV protection.

Summer Clothing

You won’t want to leave home without your favorite swimsuits! Your exact destination should dictate the rest of your summer clothing needs. You may want to bring some smart casual or even formal attire, depending on where you plan on eating. A light sweater may also come in handy for cool evenings.

One unexpected clothing essential is a pair of comfortable socks! Most chartered yachts have a no-shoes policy. If you’d rather not walk around the boat in bare feet, be sure to pack some socks.

Gear and Gadgets

If you have any tech gear that would make your luxury yacht vacation more relaxing or enjoyable, be sure to pack them. Popular items include Kindles, iPads, cell phones, and cameras. You might want to leave your laptop (and those stressful work emails) at home.

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For the less tech-minded, pack up your favorite paperbacks, guidebooks, and even a pair of binoculars for sightseeing.


Packing your prescription medication is important. Getting your specific medication overseas might be difficult. Try to think ahead and anticipate any medicine you want to have on hand while you travel and pack it just in case. Don’t forget about over-the-counter medications like pain relievers, antacids, and allergy medications.

Purse, Wallet, Cash

Be sure to pack your wallet with plenty of cash in the local currency and leave the credit cards behind. Many places do not widely accept cards, so cash is the way to go on a yacht vacation. You might want to bring photocopies of your credit cards, though, in case you need them for identification or to reference your card number.

Charter Paperwork

These items aren’t as exciting as packing your favorite sandals and hats, but don’t leave home without important paperwork! You’ll want to double check that you have your Charter Agreement, Preference Sheet, and contact info for your captain and crew.

Smart Packing, Smooth Sailing

Taking a little extra time to pack these essentials will help you have a more relaxing time on your vacation. For a fully customized chartered yacht vacation, let Yacht Store serve as your chartered yacht broker. Contact Yacht Store online or by phone (888-446-4141), and we’ll help you plan the perfect vacation.