How Yachts Are Priced

Charter yacht prices are typically listed in one of two ways: as base rates, or as all-inclusive rates. A base rate includes the yacht and its crew. You will be charged additionally for how you use the yacht, including fuel consumption, food and beverage services, dockage fees at marinas, and more. These add-ons to the base rate are paid as part of your Advanced Provisioning Allowance, a sum of money you provide to the yacht in advance of your charter to help the crew arrange whatever you want onboard. An Advanced Provisioning Allowance can add 25 percent or more to your yacht’s base rate, so you should factor at least that much into your budget when deciding which yachts are in your price range. Some yachts, including many that are available for charter in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, offer all-inclusive rates. These rates are exactly what they sound like, and include food, fuel—even ship’s bar. If you want your charter yacht’s crew to provision specialty items, such as fine cigars, those costs will be extra. But in general, an allinclusive charter yacht provides everything you need to enjoy your cruising vacation. In some parts of the world, charter yachts listed with base rates are comparable in total cost to all-inclusive yachts. Any reputable charter broker can help you determine which is the better deal for your personal vacation desires.

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