Why Use a Broker?

Yacht charter vacations are about far more than the pictures that you can see in yacht brochures…

They are about:

  • Crew personalities
  • Cruising destinations
  • Safety, service, & special needs
  • Personalized itineraries
  • Menu planning & provisioning
  • …and countless other details

Much of what goes into a successful yacht charter is based on information that is not available to the public. Not even travel agents can get into charter-industry boat shows where professional brokers interview crew and inspect yachts for safety and maintenance.

Your charter broker’s job is to ensure that everything is organized in keeping with your wishes, from the yacht’s condition to the way you are treated onboard. Reputable charter brokers inspect charter yachts worldwide, interviewing crew along the way, to ensure the vacation you get is in keeping with what any given yacht is advertising.

Reputable brokers also work exclusively for you, representing your interests from before you sign a contract with the yacht’s owner until after your charter is complete. From negotiating clauses to ensuring you are charged a fair price for expenses such as fuel, food, and wine, your broker is your personal agent.

Best of all, the broker’s fee is part of your yacht’s rate. Using a reputable broker costs you nothing—but helps you gain the best of everything.

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