Top 7 Reasons for Chartering a Yacht

When you think about your dream vacation, you might picture lounging in a top hotel’s luxury suite or gazing out at a seemingly endless ocean from the deck of a massive cruise ship. While both of these scenarios can make for an absolutely amazing vacation, a yacht offers you the best of both worlds, plus much more. Read on for 7 great reasons to choose a luxury yacht charter for your next holiday.

1.  Every Day Can Be a Different Adventure

Hotels stay where they are, and cruise ships must adhere to a schedule. Not so with a yacht. Booking your vacation time is the only scheduling you have to do. Once on board, your itinerary is really up to you.

Choosing a smaller yacht means that you are able to go where mammoth cruise ships simply cannot. That means if you’ve decided to experience yachting among Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands, you can spend a day exploring one island, and your evening on the deserted beach of another. A smaller vessel also allows you to get closer to shore than a larger ship could.

Because experts are on board to teach you, you can learn how to sea kayak, dive, snorkel, and more without having to book time with an instructor. If you enjoy culinary adventures, you’ll be happy to know that you can also have these on your chartered yacht, where a professional chef is ready to prepare any meal on the menu. If you happen to return from sea fishing with a good catch, they’ll be happy to prepare these meals for you as well.

charter yacht with view of ocean

2. Vacationing at Your Pace

A cruise ship is a wonderfully social place, with a wealth of activities to participate in from sunup to sundown—but what if you just want some time to yourself? Unless you go to your stateroom or can find a deserted part of the ship, alone time might be hard to find, at least until the ship docks and you can do some exploring on your own.

With luxury yacht vacations, even if there are 12 other people aboard, everyone is free to do what they wish, when they wish. There are no scheduled activities unless that’s what you want, and they can run the gamut from mild to wild, even if that happens during the same day.

If you had too much fun the day before and just want to relax instead of doing what you planned, all you have to do is let your crew know, and you can spend your day in solitude. Thanks to the Wi-Fi, surround sound system, extensive movie selection, and other goodies on board, relaxing is very easy to do.

3. A Truly Personal Experience

No matter where you choose to go on your vacation, or whether you choose cruising or an on-land experience, you will interact with the local community and culture. On your chartered yacht, however, you will experience an area’s culture on an entirely different level. This may be your first time on a yacht, but your crew has likely been cruising the area’s waters for several years. This means that they’ve formed friendships with local fishermen and women, restaurant owners, and vendors.

As someone who is vacationing on a particular crew’s yacht, you are their special guest. When they disembark and are greeted by their friends, you will be just as warmly welcomed. This kind of personal connection can mean that you get to have experiences that no one on a cruise ship or in a hotel can. For example, you might get to have an authentic sea fishing experience with a native Sitka fisherman in Alaska or be taken on a personal guided tour of places that other tourists don’t normally get to see.

yacht vacation whale watching

4. Nature Up Close

It’s true that you might see dolphins playing at the bow of your cruise ship as it slices through ocean waters. You might even take in some hiking and see native wildlife on the way back to your hotel, but, in order to bring all of that close to you, you might need binoculars. A yacht, on the other hand, brings you closer than you ever thought you’d be.

With this kind of vacation, you can observe local wildlife at ground and water level. Unlike a zoo or marine park, you get to observe the daily lives of whales, seals, dolphins, and more in their natural habitat. In some destinations like Alaska, you can cruise past vast forests and do some bear watching or check out what the moose are up to from the deck of your expedition yacht in the Arctic.

5. A Time They (and You) Won’t Forget

Chartering a yacht is the ideal choice for a special occasion. What could be better than spending a honeymoon or wedding anniversary on your own private vessel? Imagine being able to dock on an island and have a romantic dinner on the beach as you gaze at the stars and to be able to stay as long as you wish; wouldn’t that be a vacation to remember?

Maybe you really want to do something different with the family this year for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. Why not bring everyone together on a chartered yacht? The kids will love going on treasure hunts or snuggling in for a movie night, and adults will love being able to enjoy themselves, knowing that the safety of their children and themselves is the top priority.

Retirement or a milestone birthday are both ideal occasions that can be celebrated on a yacht. Invite close friends to join in on the fun and the luxury as you celebrate these once-in-a-lifetime occasions in a beautiful setting.

luxury yacht inflatable boat slide

6. No Guesswork

When you work with a yacht broker to charter your yacht, much of the guesswork is eliminated. There’s no need to try to find the right size yacht and the right crew; your broker matches them to your needs and preferences. Because brokers understand “boat life,” they know exactly what you do and don’t need to bring when you decide to charter a yacht and will typically make all of this information available right on their website.

Of course, you will still have to make some decisions, such as when to take your vacation, arranging your flight, and deciding what meals you’d like to be made during your stay. Other than that, the planning work has already been done, leaving you nothing to do but board your chosen vessel.

7. It’s Far More Affordable Than You Think

When thinking of a yacht, the first thing that may come to mind is a ridiculously huge, multi-million dollar vessel that only celebrities can afford. Yet, the reality is that chartering a yacht can be incredibly affordable. By working with a broker, you can ensure that the yacht you spend your vacation on will be the right size and the right price.

While it’s true that bigger yachts cost more, you do have options for reducing that cost. For example, by splitting the cost with five couples, you can all get a larger vessel with plenty of room for everyone to spread out and do whatever they wish.

Chartering a yacht is also far more affordable than buying and maintaining your own boat. If you do want to own your own boat, vacationing on a yacht can help you make some very important decisions. You can learn about which kind of boat may be best for you, what amenities you want, and what you’ll need to know before going out on the water for the first time. All of the boating expertise you could ever want is available directly from your experienced crew.

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