Why Charter a Yacht to Florida?

When you think about yachts, the first people using them that may come to mind are the super-rich and famous. However, thanks to yacht charters, a luxury vacation is within reach of all. There are thousands of yachts available for charter around the world, including the beautiful waters off of Florida’s coast. Let’s explore the many benefits of choosing Florida Charters to travel around the Sunshine State.

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A Different Perspective

Resorts and hotels do offer plenty in the way of amenities and views. With a yacht, however, you can see Florida from the water, which offers a completely different experience. Once you climb aboard, you’ll understand just how unique and special “boat life” can be. Imagine picnicking on a deserted island or spending each night of your vacation docked in a different island cove; this is the experience that yachts offer you.

Unbeatable Temperatures

Florida is famous for its subtropical weather. Boasting some of the best weather in the country, Florida’s long and warm summers are the reason for such high yearly tourist numbers. What can you do with this kind of great weather? When you charter a yacht, anything you like.

Enjoy Activities On or Off Shore

There’s no doubt that Florida offers many opportunities for surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and every other water sport, but do you have to find a shore to participate? No. Depending on the size of vessel you choose, you can have instant access to any number of ways to enjoy the water. If you are new at an activity, no worries; instructors are on board and ready to teach you.

The same is true of technology. Most vessels come complete with big-screen TVs, surround sound systems, and Wi-Fi, allowing you to spend the day inside in modern comfort if that’s what you prefer.

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A Crew at Your Disposal

Luxury yacht charter vacations give you the full celebrity experience. Your crew is there to satisfy your every desire. Changed your mind about the day’s activities? No problem. Want to spend a few hours undisturbed, reading a book? Just let the crew know, and your wish is their command.

A Completely Customized Vacation

Chartering a yacht in Florida allows you to have a level of customization and personalization that no other vacation experience can give you. From activities and destinations to menus prepared by a professional chef, you control every aspect of your holiday. Think of your yacht as your own personal floating resort, with you and your loved ones as the only guests, and getting to eat, drink, and do exactly what you want.

How to Book Your Florida Charter

There’s no need to search out and approach yachts on an individual basis, with Yachtstore. We’re connected with Florida yacht captains and crews at all points along the Florida coast. We do all the work for you, matching you with the perfect crew and making booking effortless. Start building your dream vacation today with Florida yacht charters; call 1-888-446-4141.